End-to-End Spectrum of Small Cell Services

We specialize in small cell/cRAN installation, integration, and maintenance. Licensed in California to work in any environment.

Small Cell cRAN 4G/5G

  • Design consultation
  • Bouchard Communications fabricates custom OEM implementation mounting solutions for remote equipment, antenna installation and associated passive devices
  • Aerial and UG OSP construction
  • Utility coordination
  • Turn key RF testing
  • Fronthaul CPRI and latency analysis
  • Hub/shelter provisioning

Notable Small Cell/cRAN Projects

  • US Naval Base deployment NASNI & NAB – Verizon Wireless

  • DTLA 4G/5G nodes  –  Verizon Wireless and AT&T

  • Warner Brothers, Burbank-  4G/5G  AT&T

  • LA Market Turf Vender 2016-2023 – AT&T Mobility