Unlock New Value with Change

Finding Ways to Do It Better

At Bouchard, we operate on the premise that there are no problems, just solutions.  If there isn’t a current solution, our talented team will engineer it.  Give us your project and we’ll simply, get things done!

Bouchard Communications has engineered, developed and standardized the first right-of-way
microcell/oDAS/cRAN deployments in the Los Angeles market for the following:

CATV & Telecom OSP, 1982 – Present

Pac Tell Cellular (Now Verizon Wireless), 1989 – Present

LA Cellular/Pac Bell Mobile Services/Cingular (Now AT&T Mobility), 1992 – Present

Sprint PCS, 1998 -2007

T-Mobile, 2005 – 2013

Bouchard Communications fabricates custom OEM implementation mounting solutions for remote equipment, antenna installation and associated passive devices.