Leading the Way

Since 1982, Bouchard has Led the Way in Telecommunications

If the internet is the information super highway, then fiber optics is the roadway that information travels on.  Whether dark or lit, DWDM or CWDM, we’ve got you covered.  Since 1982, Bouchard has led the way in telecommunications connectivity and fiber optics is no exception.  We’re proud to say that we have worked with every major landline and wireless carrier, aiding in the creation and sustainment of California’s robust fiber infrastructure and we’re ready to do the same for you.

Fiber optics are the backbone infrastructure component and must be properly installed, terminated and tested to ensure the highest, low latency, error-free data transmission possible.  Bouchard Communications offers complete fiber optic cabling, implementation, testing and troubleshooting support. If you need Fiber Optics, Bouchard can help with any of your needs.


  • Pole setting, Anchoring & Guying – All Methods
  • Make-Ready Installation per GO95 & NEC.
  • Placement of Fiber, Copper & Coax – All Methods

OSP – Substructure Installation

  • Qualified as A-Engineering
  • Utility Locating at Conflicts
  • Methods of Installation include: Open Trench, HDD, and Rock wheel
  • Ensure GO128 & NEC Compliance
  • Vault, MH, & CEV Installations
  • All Surface Restoration Types as Required by Various Jurisdictions